• Bangladeshi brainiac Bristy is an inspiration for girls

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    The International Olympiad in Informatics has traditionally been a male-dominated competition, a trend Bristy Sikder from Bangladesh is hoping to change.

    Bristy, who was the only female competitor to medal in the 2012 IOI, says she hopes to inspire other females to start competing in the prestigious computer-programming competition.

    “I think if anybody tries, they can do well,” Bristy said.

    “It’s just that the girls aren’t trying out, they aren’t practicing.

    “I’ve talked to some of the girls [in Bangladesh] and I’ve been trying to get them to come here, so let’s see what happens.”

    This year’s Olympiad has seen an increase in female competitors, with seven girls out of 315 compared to the four who competed last year.

    Australian Deputy Team Leader and former competitor, Robert Newey, said that he believes it is important for young women interested in informatics to see female competitors, such as Bristy, participating in the Olympiad.

    “The problem is that there’s so few women doing [the Olympiad] right now that it’s hard to be inspired to do it.” Mr Newey said earlier this week.

    “That’s how I got involved; I saw other people doing it and was inspired to do it myself.”

    Countries to have a female competitor in their teams this year are Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, Macedonia, Mongolia, Tunisia and Venezuela.

    Bristy has been competing in the IOI since 2011.

    Bristy Sikder


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