• Brisbane 2013: Four years in the making

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    Professor Peter Taylor’s job is almost done.

    He has been working since 2009 to prepare for this week’s International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) competition.

    As chair of the 2013 organising committee, Prof Taylor has been overseeing the organisation of this year’s event since the beginning.

    He has also just retired as Executive Director of the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT), a decision that he postponed so that he could continue organising the IOI through his role.

    In an interview with ABC radio earlier this year, Prof Taylor explained the process of how Australia came to host the IOI.

    “The hosts are decided four years in advance, so we put a bid in and we won it,” he said.

    “We then came up with a plan, which showed that we could run it very adequately with our facilities in Brisbane.

    “It is also expected that countries like Australia, which are in the top 20 economically in the world, are expected to be able to host from time to time.”

    Prof Taylor says Brisbane was chosen to host the first IOI in Australia because of one particular member of the original committee who first suggested the idea.

    “Ben Burton was the first person who initiated the idea. He’s a mathematician here at UQ.

    “He looked around his own environment, and he believed Brisbane had all the facilities and he decided to put a case in,” Prof Taylor said.

    The organising committee believes Brisbane has provided a great  atmosphere for all the visitors.

    “Everyone who has come seems to be very comfortable in Australia and for many of the visitors, it is their first time here, and they seem very happy,” he said.

    The visitors fly out on Saturday, 13th of July, after a full week of competition.


    Nicholas is a 20 Year Old Journalism/Political science student currently in his third year of study. He is also the Assistant Editor of the UQ student magazine Semper Floreat. He enjoys all mediums of journalism, and he is excited to report about informatics considering that these competitors are the future minds of the world.

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