• Being the constant through change over 25 years

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    Krassimir Manev - International Committee Member

    Professor Krassimir Manev, host of the first IOI, has reflected on the IOI’s history as this year marks its 25th anniversary.

    As a member of the International Committee, Professor Manev, played host to the very first IOI in Bulgaria in 1989.

    He believes many things have changed since its beginnings.

    “The Olympiad has totally changed; we started with 13 countries, now there are more than 80. We had a single day of competition with a single task, now there are two days of competition with six to eight tasks,” said Professor Manev.

    Professor Manev has attended 18 of the 25 Olympiads but until this year he had never travelled to Australia.

    “I think Australia is fantastic, I have never seen such winter like here in Australia,” he said.

    But despite all the changes, Professor Manev believes the IOI will exist forever.

    “The people that gather every year remain the same, I know practically everybody here now and one day so too will the newcomers, continuing to make friendships that will last forever,” said Professor Manev.


    Harriet Persse is currently in her fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Journalism/Communications with a major in Public Relations. Throughout her degree she has undertaken internships at Carla Zampatti, Channel Nine, The Good Guide and Multiple Sclerosis Queensland. Harriet will be graduating in November of this year and hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations.

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