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    Simon Denmark

    Simon Eskilden collects walruses and has been fascinated by them ever since he was eight

    Computer programming is the focus of this event, and it seems like that is all contestants do. This is not the case. All of the students have a hidden hobby and here are a few of them.

    Chilean contestant Nicolas Orellana has a special interest in juggling. He has juggled bowling pins, balls and plates on sticks for over three years.

    “I practice a lot,” Mr Orellana said.

    When asked whether he prefers programming or juggling, “I enjoy programming and juggling the same,” he said.

    He also has an interest in surfing, origami and cycling.


    Chilean contestant Nicolas Orellana has a special interest in juggling

    Danish contestant Simon Eskilden has an interest in walruses.

    He owns about 50 toy walruses, a walrus costume and pictures that hang on his bedroom wall. A miniature walrus is his mascot at the contest this year.

    “I started loving walruses when I was about eight years old. I was in Florida at SeaWorld watching a seal show and in the middle of the show, there’s this music playing and out comes a huge walrus with these amazing tusks just walk in. I sit there and I’m just in love with this animal,” Mr Eskilden said.

    After the Olympiad is finished, Mr Eskilden will travel to Canada to “be closer to the walruses”.

    He hopes that some day he will have enough money to have a real walrus in his garden.

    Tom Israel

    Avid drummer, Tom Kalvari enjoys playing the drum kit

    Israeli contestant Tom Kalvari, 17 is an avid drummer.

    He had a band with two singers, a lead guitarist, two back guitarists and a bass player.

    “I don’t have a drum set at home so I’m hoping somehow I can keep that drumming alive,” Mr Kalvari said.

    He said programming and drumming cannot be compared as they are so different.

    “I love both things, but I’m probably going to do a degree in computer science and not in drumming, but it’s a really nice hobby; it’s really fun,” he said.

    It is not all about computer programming for the contestants. Hobbies are a major part of these contestants’ lives.


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