• How contestants respond to electronic quarantine – photo gallery

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    On Tuesday evening, the final exam tasks were released to delegation leaders, and for contestants that meant the beginning of the quarantine period.

    During this time, competitors and leaders are separated and may not communicate to ensure the confidentiality of all exam content. Phones are taken away, the wi-fi connection is switched off and the contestants need to spend their evening away from their devices.

    We wanted to find out how they would react to this sudden isolation from the technology they love so much.

    Quarantine Period  



    Volunteers and contestants alike enjoyed a game of snooker while passing the time in the quarantine period.


    Brisbane volunteers Maddy, Gaya and Lucy decided to join in the computer games quarantine with the contestants, practising piano and strengthening their new friendships.


    A game of Texas hold ‘em poker kept members of the Ukrainian, Georgian, Turkish and Azerbaijani team amused for the length of quarantine.


    Joshua Lau of the Australian team took advantage of the Cromwell College snooker table during the quarantine period.


    Fernando Luis Valarino Noriega, a Venezuelan contestant, explains that computer coding involves a lot of idle time, and so he often has the chance to practice guitar.


    Montenegro contestant, Andrej Karadzic, has been playing piano since primary school and spent quarantine serenading other contestants.


    Serbian contestant Ivan Stosic has had no formal drumming lessons, but enjoys playing whenever he gets the chance.


    The quarantine period saw friendships form between contestants from Portugal, Czech Republic, India, Serbia and Slovakia as they played a game of Mao.


    The Slovenian team stave away boredom with a game of Tarock, a game played with an unusual deck of tarot cards.


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