• Informatics education vital for global future

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    Queensland informatics experts say that Australians lack knowledge about the field of informatics, in spite of the impact the discipline has on most people’s daily lives.

    UQ Lecturer and keen informatics specialist Dr Dan Angus says informatics will be a livelihood of the generations to come.

    “This really is the 21st century economy that we are talking about,” Dr Angus said.

    “This is where the next generation’s jobs are going to be located.”

    Informatics has become a fundamental process of every piece of technology available to the public – the technologies that most people rely on in many daily situations.

    Technical leader for IOI 2013 Bernard Blackham blames the absence of education in schools for the lack of Australian interest in informatic processes.

    “There are a lot of countries where it is a lot more common but most countries have the same problem as Australia where it is not part of the curriculum a lot of the students that we end up getting are self-motivated,” he said.

    “The biggest problem is that we don’t have the support from the teachers to teach them because it is quite a specialised area and finding teachers that can and are able to teach this is quite difficult,” Mr Blackham said.

    This education is more important than ever, considering the control that informatics has over the functional capacity of society is only going to increase as technologies develop, according to Dr Angus.

    He says these technological developments will only lead to a larger demand in the area of science and mathematics, where more complex programs will be required.


    Nicholas is a 20 Year Old Journalism/Political science student currently in his third year of study. He is also the Assistant Editor of the UQ student magazine Semper Floreat. He enjoys all mediums of journalism, and he is excited to report about informatics considering that these competitors are the future minds of the world.

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