• IOI winner dreams of informatics in his sleep

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    While this year’s organisers for the International Olympiad in Informatics expected the second day of the examination to be a difficult challenge for most competitors, Lijie Chen from China was able to breeze past his competition to win the IOI.

    Will Pettersson, a member of the technical committee said that all three tasks were going to be difficult.

    “The last task we set them was called ‘Game’ and that one was definitely a challenge for the students,” Mr Pettersson said.

    The overall winner of this year’s IOI, Lijie Chen from China, recorded a perfect score in the second day of competition and still managed to sleep for an hour of the competion time.

    Other competitors who achieved perfect scores on day two were Nikolay Kalinn (RUS), Haoran Xu (CHN), and Hristo Venev (BGR).

    “I thought that the problems on day two were easy, so those who did better than me in day one would overtake me but others were not able to solve the ‘Game’ problem” Lijie said.

    Despite organisers expecting the questions to be difficult, Lijie said he was able to complete the first two problems in one hour and then spent two hours working on the final ‘Game’ problem.

    For the remaining time in the exam, Lijie said he was able to spend the last hour sleeping.

    “I was happy to see that I was in first place,” he said after seeing the results from the second day of competition.

    The rest of team China scored gold medals as well, coming in second, third and eleventh place.

    Students who win a gold medal will now be recognised by the informatics community as being some of the brightest minds in their field.

    Australia’s top placing contestant was Ray Li, who placed 26th overall.



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