• IOI 2013 official ceremony opens up the world of informatics

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    IOI 2013 officially opened on Sunday with a ceremony that featured Mexican sombreros, an Indigenous “welcome to country” and a flash mob.

    The ceremony gave the students a chance to celebrate the national teams selected to compete in the prestigious competition.

    The Mexican team wore sombreros in their national colours and audience members had the chance to catch hats thrown into the crowd from the Croatian team.

    Mexican Team with Minister Ian Walker

    (left to right); Edgar Augusto Santiago Nieves, Saul German Gutierrez Calderon, Diego Alonso Roque Montoya, Minister Ian Walker, Daniel Talamas Cano, Marcel Stockli Contreras (Deputy Leader), Enrique Lira Vargas (Team Leader)

    UQ Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Deborah Terry said informatics and its related subjects would only increase in importance over the coming years.

    “The IOI is a very important event for The University of Queensland,” Professor Terry said.

    Debbie Terry

    Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor for the University of Queensland, Deborah Terry

    “We take very seriously bringing in and supporting students who are good at the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).”

    “These disciplines are absolutely critical to the future and how we solve many of the challenges we face in the world.”

    Queensland science minister Ian Walker said the competition was also an excellent networking opportunity for participants.

    “The knowledge you acquire and collaborations you make with other brilliant minds will have profound implications for all of human kind,” Mr Walker said.

    Team Sweden

    Team Sweden (left to right; Oskar Werkelin Ahlin (Team Leader), Anton Grensjö, Aron Granberg, Johan Sannemo, Mårten Wiman)

    Team leaders and contestants were surprised by a volunteer flash-mob, demonstrating the immense excitement and energy that has gone in to bringing the event to life.

    Dancer Gianna Gillies from Brisbane studio Mad Dance House gave a solo performance to entertain students between the formal proceedings.

    Indigenous elder Uncle Albert Holt welcomed the international students to Australia and reflected on the importance of multiculturalism for Australia and in the competition with students from 80 countries.

    Coordinator Andree Phillips said she was pleased with how the IOI week was coming together so far.

    “It was a really great opportunity to see everyone together,” Ms Phillips said.

    “We took a chance, and weren’t sure if the flash mob was going to work, but it took everyone by surprise and went really well, so I’m happy with how everything went.”


    Team Australia

    (from top left to bottom right); Luke Harrison (Team 2 Leader), Jarrah Lacko (Team 1 Leader), Adrian Goldwaser, Nicholas Laver, Michael Chen, James Payor, Ben Stott (Team 2 Deputy Leader), Robert Newey (Team 1 Deputy Leader), Austin Tankiang, Ishraq Huda, Ray Li, Joshua Lau, Associate Professor Benjamin Burton

    PHOTOGRAPHS: Melanie Keyte


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    1. Adolfo del Castillo Martínez
      July 24, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      Congratulations to mexican participants in this contest…

      Felicidades a todos los participantes mexicanos por su esfuerzo…
      necesitamos más noticias de este tipo para nuestro país…

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