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    IOI Commentator, Eljakim "Kim" Schrijvers
    IOI Commentator, Eljakim “Kim” Schrijvers playing his Nintendo 3DS. Credit: Timothy Yuen


    Eljakim Schrijvers, better known as “Kim” the IOI commentator, excitedly asked if we had a Nintendo 3DS as he invited us into his production room.

    Playing games on his 3DS is one of his hobbies – along with getting “hyper” about the IOI.

    “Two years ago we did it in Canada, and we had a good time there because we were getting so much information that we were completely hyper and completely hyped up about everything that was going on, and that was good fun!” he said.

    The competition has been a hobby of his for 20 years now, once as a competitor, and today as a leader for Team Netherlands.

    Kim’s long-term commitment to the Olympiad stems from his dedication to finding and nurturing informatics talent in students.

    He believes an important part of this is for the students to come together, through events like the IOI.

    This, he said, motivates students, as they are able to challenge each other.

    But informatics isn’t the only part of the IOI that Kim enjoys.

    “It’s a competition, it’s all about winning, but that’s why we have the contest in the first couple of days of the week,” he said.

    “Because it’s all about winning, but afterwards, it’s all about friendship.

    “And I think that is a much more important thing… but it’s also cool to win.”


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