• Results pending for second exam

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    The second and final exam was held for the 2013 International Olympiad in Informatics at the UQ centre today.

    Although there was a slight delay in beginning the exam due to a rogue possum running through the hall the competitors were quick off the mark, solving the three tasks that had been assigned to them today: Cave, Robots and Game.

    Will Pettersson, a member of the technical committee said that all three tasks were going to be difficult, but ‘Game’ particularly would “definitely be a challenge for the students.”

    The live score board that was available through the day has been taken down, as the final results are subject to the appeals that are currently underway.

    No formal results have been finalised, and may not be released until the award ceremony on Friday, but continue to check the IOI Reporter website for more up-to-date results.


    Natassja Bertram is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Queensland. Studying a dual degree in journalism and communication, she has a particular interest in print and photojournalism.

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