• Let the IOI games begin

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    Hundreds of volunteers and officials have spent the past week finalising the arrangements for the upcoming International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

    IOI event co-ordinator Andree Phillips is responsible for overseeing the entire competition, from accommodation, meals, organising and recruiting volunteers to transportation and excursions.

    Ms Phillips has been planning this event for the past year and says that organising accommodation and transportation for the 800 guests has been a massive task.

    “It has been an enormous logistical nightmare trying to work out how we house everybody,” she said.

    “On top of that the transport has been enormous”

    “I have been really lucky to recruit some amazing UQ students to help me.”

    Although the event only runs for seven days, from July 6-13, the preparations and set up of IOI 2013 have been in the making for four years.

    Technical lead for this year’s competition, Bernard Blackham, has been working alongside Ms Phillips. In this role he is responsible for the setting up the competition hall, infrastructure and computer software for the event.

    While being responsible for all technical equipment in the competition sounds like an incredibly large task, Bernard is confident the setup has run smoothly and everything is in order.

    “There is a lot of lead time and breathing space for things to go wrong,” Mr Blackham said.

    “The challenge will be actually tearing stuff down at the end. We have less than 24 hours to disassemble the entire room, take everything out.”


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