• The culmination of competition – Exam 2 photo gallery

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    A photo gallery of the second exam session during the 2013 International Olympiad in Informatics competition held in Brisbane at the University of Queensland.



    The setting inside the UQ Centre for the second exam session, which was held on 10th July, 2013.



    The 315 contestants reading the set tasks for the second exam, which were titled ‘Cave’, ‘Robots’ and ‘Game’.



    According to members of the Scientific Committee, the tasks for the second exam provided a greater challenge to the students than the first exam.



    The contestants had five hours to work through the three tasks. The students could not leave the exam room before the five hours were up.



    The students had to attempt the tasks at hand by creating a program that solves the problem as effectively as possible.



    Mingda Qiao was leading the competition after the first exam session, with a score of 287/300.



    There were IOI volunteers on hand to answer any questions, or to assist the competitors in any way they could.



    Students could submit their programs at any time during the second exam to gather an idea of how effectively they would score on each task.



    There were no technical failures at any point during the second exam, which allowed the students to receive their own scores quickly after submission.



    The live scoreboard provided onlookers outside of the exam room an idea about how the students were progressing. The students inside were only able to see their own progressive score.


    Nicholas is a 20 Year Old Journalism/Political science student currently in his third year of study. He is also the Assistant Editor of the UQ student magazine Semper Floreat. He enjoys all mediums of journalism, and he is excited to report about informatics considering that these competitors are the future minds of the world.

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