• The long march from China to Google

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    A dream job at Google or Facebook is what Lijie Chen, from China, hopes to achieve once he finishes his studies.

    The 17 year old from Hangzhou, China is competing in the 2013 International Olympiad in Informatics.

    Representing his country at the IOI is a great achievement, especially since contestants were selected from over 600,000 Chinese students.

    “China has the biggest population in the world. From one billion people it is very hard to get in” Lijie  said.

    Lijie said there were three challenging steps to being selected for team China. Contestants first had to enrol into a national training team for informatics and then be selected to move onto a winter training camp. Students then must make it through to the final Chinese team selection contest.

    The Chinese team spends two months preparing for the competition and Lijie studied informatics for four years to get to this point.

    After day one of the exams, Lijie is ranked fifth and his fellow countrymen Mingda Qiao, Kangning Wang and Haoran Xu are ranked first, second and sixth, respectively.

    If team China continues to do this well on the second day of competition then they should be on track for four gold medals which would match their achievements at last year’s Olympiad.


    Timothy Yuen is a 24 year old Business and Journalism student at the University of Queensland. He is from Townsville and is currently in his third year at UQ. He hopes to pursue a career in public relations and marketing once he graduates.

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