• Venturing behind the scenes of quarantine

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    Keeping a bunch of “tech-savvy” teenagers away from their mobile phones and the internet for a night might be a difficult task, but not for these programming wiz-kids.

    Last night, the IOI competitors spent their time rocking out on drums, playing pool and challenging each other to a good old-fashioned game of ‘Go Fish.’

    To Nicolas Orellana Ortiz from the Chile team, “looking for things to do can sometimes be difficult you get the opportunity to play games like Jenga and Uno with team members from other countries.”

    Yesterday’s quarantine allowed students who would usually be fixed to their computers the chance to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

    “The only time I don’t have internet access is when I’m sleeping or when there is no electricity,” said Egyptian competitor Mohamed Essam.

    The opportunity to be involved in such an event allows these students to develop future contacts and lifelong friendships regardless of the language barrier.



    Rose Maksoud is a third year journalism/arts student at the University of Queensland. Her major in arts is musicology with a keen interest in ethnic music and anthropology. Her hope is to write and create documentaries about music and culture in Europe and South Africa.

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