• Visitors enjoy the sights of the Gold Coast

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    As contestants of the International Olympiad in Informatics competed in the final examination yesterday, other international visitors headed to the Gold Coast.

    Many took the opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs for friends and family back home.

    Arturo Cepeda Salinas a visitor from Mexico bought his children and wife stuffed animals and fridge magnets.

    Mr Salinas was most excited about his Kangaroo hat purchase, which he said that he could take travelling with him in the future.

    “In Mexico I am the president of the Mexican committee in informatics and we are in charge of doing the Mexican olympiad in informatics,” Mr Salinas said.

    Volunteer Jane Burton wanted to make sure that the visitors had a good time in Australia.

    “We have been to the Spit and seen the Versace hotel, then to Surfers Paradise and saw the beach erosion, after our lunch at the Kurrawa Surf Club visitors will see the Jupiter’s Casino,” Ms Burton said.

    Belgium visitor Paul-Henri Callewaert, who has come to represent informatics in Bulgaria, said that he was having such a great time at this year’s IOI.

    “Australia is just fantastic, I cannot say I prefer this or I preferred that, it is just fantastic,”  Mr Callewaert said.

    Visitors enjoyed a lunch of seafood at the Kurrawa Surf Club whilst swapping stories and gifts from their home countries.


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